My Heaven Song

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For a while now, I’ve put together different truths, lyrics, and verses to form what I call, My Heaven Song. I hope you enjoy.

Heaven is my home.

Your grace is enough, for me.

Your grace is sufficient no matter what stage of life we’re in. No matter what we’re going through. Our circumstances change, we change, the life around us changes, but you don’t God. You are the one that has always been, the one that always is, and the one that will always be.

No matter what happens in this life, pain, suffering, hurt, death, hate, you are still always good. Still, I know this, that the current suffering no matter how bad it is, doesn’t compare to the glory that is to come. (Romans 8:18)

I pray to sing like never before, to worship your holy name. We may not have tomorrow with someone, with something, or tomorrow at all here on this earth, but we need to find that as an encouragement that if we don’t have this life tomorrow, that we have eternity with you in heaven, forever.

Your heart is kind, for all of your goodness, I will keep on singing, for I have 10,000 reasons to sing your praises. When my strength fails, and it often does… in the strength of discipline, strength in health, mental wellbeing, whatever it is, I know that your strength never fails. (Ps 73:26 – My flesh and my heart my fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.)

Lord, who am I that you would be jealous for me? That you would sacrifice yourself, die a traitor’s death for me? I can’t even realize how beautiful you truly are, or even how great your love is for me because it’s something that I can’t understand or comprehend. We can’t comprehend it because there is no heart that can hold the weight of your love. We are redeemed through you, Lord.

Your love of Lord, reaches to the heavens, it’s far and wide and stretches as far as the east is from the west. I look to Heaven, and I find my strength and hope.

You are holy, holy, holy, God most high and God most worthy. Who is like you God?

Your ways are good oh Lord, your ways are sure. To know that I had been chosen since the foundation of the earth was laid, what a joyous thought! The blessed assurance I have in you, the power your name brings forth and the victory you have over sin and death brings proof that you are the one true God.

Upward, I look, and see you there Lord, in heaven on your holy throne of light no darkness can overcome. Alleluia! Christ surround me so that everything I do, everything I see, touch, say, think is wrapped around your heart, your eyes, your words.

I’d gladly give all that I have just to know you, you are the hope in my heart, the strength in my body, the goodness in my soul. Your love is stronger than the mountains and deeper than any point in the sea, your wind is healing to my soul.

Lord, your heavens are where sin and shame are powerless. Lord speak your peace into me, so I shall not fear anything. I stand in awe of you alone. Be the pillars of the fortress of my heart.

We hear You speak to us, the words of the pages of scripture are Your pure Word. From Your own heart and voice to us, You command our attention, may You be glorified both now and forever. Let us pray for the right things, for the things of You. Let us not pray for health, happiness, and success, but for matters of Your Kingdom. We long to unite with Your Holy Purpose.

Let it be, Jesus. Should I ever be abandoned, should I ever be surrounded by the fire and the flame, God I will breathe your name, above everything. Let it be Jesus. You are my Lord, my Love, my Life. Abide with me. Don’t let me fall, don’t let me go. Walk with me and never leave, ever close, God abide with me. A love that will never ever let me go.

I am no longer a slave to fear, I am a child of God!