Our First Response To Everything

1 min read

As I’ve been going through an in-depth study of the Book of James, I’ve learned a tremendous amount of how living for the Lord looks like. I’ve approached the end of my study through James, reaching chapter 5. Looking at the final verses we notice:

5:13-15 — Your first response should be God, it should be to look upwards… if you’re suffering, happy, sick… PRAY.
Our first response needs to be: go to God… for all things.
5:16 — Confess your sins to each other, faithful prayer is powerful! Proverbs 15:29;
5:17 — Elijah was a man with a nature like ours… he’s got nothing different than us — he could pray and stop the rain and call fire down from Heaven. He had such a strong and intimate faith in the Lord, we only need to do this ourselves.
5:19-20 — God could be using ME to save someone from eternal damnation of hell. WOW, thank you Lord for letting me play a tiny part in your plan of salvation.
When I’m excited, I want my first response to be “PRAISE THE LORD!”
When I’m suffering, I want my first response to be “LORD HELP ME!”
When I’m sick, I want my first response to be “LORD STRENGTHEN ME!”
I hope you’re encouraged by this short little post and you look to the Lord for all things… joy and sorrow! Let us praise the Lord!