Sexual Sin Is Real

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Last night I was required to watch a documentary online for my sociology class, as part of one of my final assignments. I chose to watch what turned out to be one of the saddest and most eye-opening films I’ve ever seen. While the premise, title, and the concept of the film is completely wrong to think about watching… there was one thing that enticed me to watch it, one phrase in the trailer that sparked my interest: “I will never look at pornography the same way, these are our daughters, sisters, girlfriends, and wives.” That, right there, got me to watch this film.

Strangely enough, I was both disgusted that I watched the film in nearly it’s entirety, and thankful that I did. Here’s why:

1) sin is real, sexual sin is real;

2) I now have a new, deeper hatred for sin and drive for people to know the Lord and His saving grace.

While I’m puzzled to even write about this topic, I’m so convicted that I feel I must write. Now, I won’t mention the name of this documentary, but it truly opened my eyes to the ugliness of sin.

This film follows along a few girls who go into pornography right when they turn eighteen. Throughout the film, you see how it ruins their lives. As I watched it,  all I could think about was the fact that sin causes complete and utter emptiness. Sin is SO blinding, it is like a black hole.

Some incredibly heart-breaking statistics in the film state that 40% of all porn websites are centered around the abuse of women. I would naturally want to say, “WHAT? How is that even a thing?! People get turned on by this garbage?” But then I’m faced with the truth: sin blinds us, it takes away all sense of right and wrong, it’s never satisfied, and it eventually kills us.

These women who are blinded by sin, while willing to go into pornography, have no sense of self-worth. They don’t see that they are a precious child of their parents, but more importantly, they are a beautiful woman created by the Lord. Oh, my friends, realize that while we can choose to sin, our nature is to sin, we are victims of sin. We NEED the Lord Jesus Christ and His work upon the cross to find hope, peace, love, care, comfort, satisfaction, and purpose.

Only through Jesus, can we see sin for what it is, only through Jesus can we see that sin is ugly. Only through Jesus can we be redeemed and made new. There is NOTHING in this life that is more important than knowing the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Sin is great, but Jesus is greater!

Realize that while sin, sexual sin, in this case, may seem “satisfying” at the moment, it only bleeds you dry from your true happiness, your true purpose and meaning in life.

Friends, I want to implore you to stop and realize that pornography is not just “something to arouse me” or it’s “harmless”. These are our precious, beautiful women around us. These are our sisters, our daughters, girlfriends, wives, and mothers. They are, above all, God’s beautiful creation.

I know this post isn’t quite structured well, but I felt I needed to write out something about what I had just been exposed to. Sin is real, sexual sin is real, it’s true hatred for one’s self, and above all, it’s hatred and separation from God. He is our only true love, our hope, our Deliverer. Turn to Him. Don’t think that you are too ugly or broken to be loved by Him. His love is deeper than the oceans, higher than the mountains, larger than the universe and He CARES for YOU. Yes, YOU.

I will pray for you as I sleep tonight. I will pray for healing and that your eyes will be opened.

If you want to talk or ask me anything, please don’t hesitate to ask me. May the Lord draw you near to Him. He loves you and cares for you beyond all comprehension. Click here to learn about how to get saved.