Alright, Let’s Go!

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We have all thought of starting fresh, making new plans or routines and working our hardest to stick to them… especially at the start of a new year. Many call these “New Year’s Resolutions” and while we attempt to follow them as best we can, many of us seem to fall short of seeing them through.

As a each year comes to a close we look back and reflect upon the events, memories, accomplishments, and maybe even failures of the passing year. We look forward to a fresh start when January 1st comes around.

The year 2016 had many ups and downs, and large changes throughout the year. But as I look forward to this new year and what the Lord has planned, I’m excited to serve Him and I’ve decided to make more priorities in my life. I think of an eye-opening analogy of the priorities in our life… take a look:

I plan on making a few things more of a priority in life as this new year unfolds.

ONE | Read through the Bible 

I’ve read a large portion of scripture throughout my life, but I can unfortunately, honestly, say I have never read it all the way through or enough of it. Who can ever get enough of God’s Word, right? I plan to read through it this year and thus far, I’ve read five days in a row with my wife and we’re really loving the discussions we’re able to have together. We’re reading through the John MacArthur One-Year Bible, but it seems they have updated it more recently to The MacArthur Daily Bible, I highly recommend it.

TWO | Read More Books

I’ve never been much of a reader, even when I was forced to read throughout my years in school. However, I’ve come up with an idea: read one book each month. Now, they’ll most likely be shorter books to get my started, but I’m actually quite excited. The book I chose to start off with is Fighting Satan: Knowing His Weaknesses, Strategies, and Defeat by Joel R. Beeke. Take a look at it.

THREE | Work towards my degree

It’s been a few years since I’ve been in classes at a college, but in December I finished my first semester back… with a 4.00 GPA I might add. So this year, I plan to complete the Spring and Fall semesters with as many classes completed as possible. Here’s to a hardworking school year!

Among these goals I have throughout this year, I have a few plans, and Lord willing they will happen!

ONE | My 25th in Hawaii

Yes! That’s right! Lord willing, my wife and I will be spending my 25th birthday in Hawaii!

TWO | Traveling to Ohio

We plan to travel to Ohio to see my beloved mentor and his family who took up a Senior Pastor position to lead a great congregation for God’s glory!

We may have many plans and desires for our lives, but we must always remember Proverbs 16:9 –

What are your resolutions or goals for 2017?