5 Ways to Use Your Tech to Grow Closer to God

2 min read

With all of the busyness of life, it can be hard to find time to do things that help us grow in our walk with God. It can even be hard just to find a few minutes in prayer or reading His Word. We live in an age that bombards us with social media, Netflix, and access to the world at our fingertips. The great thing is that we can utilize this technology to help our walk with Christ.

I’ve put together a simple list of ways that we can use our technology to help bring us closer to Christ in our day-to-day life and routine. Also, check out my 5 Must Have Apps for Bible Study.

ONE | Use Reminders

On your phone you can open the Reminders app (or download one from the App Store or Google Play Store) and set a daily reminder to read the Bible. People say it takes anywhere from 21 – 66 days to form a habit. Try setting it for the same time every day to help form that habit!

TWO | Start a Digital Journal

Whether it’s a special journaling app on your iPhone or computer, or just the plain Notes app… Consider creating a digital journal for thankfulness, prayers, and even events throughout your day. Use this journal to reflect on God’s goodness, faithfulness, and the ways he’s grown you over time. One of my favorite apps I use for prayers doubles as a prayer journal and a reminder app, it’s called Echo, check it out.

THREE | Music

With the whole slew of music streaming services out there now, Apple Music, Spotify, and Pandora are great ways to listen to worship music. Create some playlists and keep them jammin’ throughout the day.

FOUR | Online Study Tools & Resources — There’s an app for that!

Some of my favorite study tools that are now available digitally are the MacArthur Study Bible App, biblegateway.com. You can click on the list of resources at the bottom of my blog here. These allow for an even closer relationship to God through books, sermons, blogs, and even Q&A’s. Other apps I recommend and use every day are: the Bible app, Solid Joy’s app, and the DVO app. I highly recommend them.

FIVE | Subscribe to a Reading Plan or Devotional

Along with apps, there are many great online Bible reading plans, that allow us to subscribe via email. One I recommend would be from Grace To You. They have four different kinds available: Drawing Near, Strength for Today, Daily Bible, Daily Readings.

I hope these help remind you that we can use the advancement of technology to deeper our love and dependence upon God.